Community Seed Resources provides tools and guidance to community gardeners, educators, and organizers interested in creating community-based seed events, exchanges, seed libraries and banks, and plant breeding clubs. We not only encourage and support community seed projects, we also promote the sharing and exchange of seed, knowledge, and skills.

Community seed projects revive a tradition we’ve shared in growing food for centuries – from a handful of seed, we grow, gather, and share more seeds – enough not only for ourselves but an abundance to pass on to neighbors, family, and the next generation of gardeners and farmers. Saving and exchanging seeds is the way we discover new varieties, preserve heirlooms, and breed locally adapted varieties.

Whether you are a beginner seed saver or long-time organizer of seed projects, our educational resources can guide you through the decisions it takes to develop projects that fit the needs of your community. Seed Matters now partners with Seed Savers Exchange to manage this program. We encourage you to learn more about our downloadable resources, or apply for a seed saving toolkit or mentorship. These programs can help jump start a new seed project or lend support to an existing one. For more information visit the Community Seed Resources program at Seed Savers Exchange.