Money is fertilizer: sometimes it stinks but if you apply it right you can grow some serious good.

We’d like you to help us pile some good homemade organic fertilizer on Seed Matters programs. Here’s the thing – any amount matters – organic seed work is woefully underfunded, and the responsibility of stewarding and improving seed belongs to all of us. If we’re going to transform our food systems, we need to start with the right seed.

Here’s the other thing – because Clif Bar Family Foundation covers all of our overhead costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to programs* – not on staff or website, or fancy printed brochures, or trips to exotic conferences. It’s a shovel full of fertility right to the roots.

*Overhead costs do not include online transaction fees. There is a required 3% bank fee for on-line donations. You may also contribute to Seed Matters by check made out to Clif Bar Family Foundation and send to 1451 66th Street, Emeryville CA 94709.